Separation Agreements

The family law lawyers at Horne Coupar LLP are pleased to offer services drafting and negotiating separation agreements, and providing independent legal advice. We will meet with you to determine the terms of a separation agreement, to help you understand your rights and obligations and finalize any terms of agreement that remain in dispute.

A separation agreement is very detailed contract containing how property and debts will be divided, who will pay child support and in what amount, what the parenting arrangement will be and how decisions regarding the child(ren) will be made, whether there is to be any payment of spousal support, and if so, how much and for how long. A separation agreement is often required for a pension to be divided between former spouses/partners.

Having independent legal advice regarding a separation agreement is one of the main pillars for a separation agreement to be binding. This means that you should meet with a lawyer to discuss an agreement that has been drafted by your spouse or partner’s lawyer.

If you are also getting divorced, having a separation agreement can reduce the costs associated with a divorce.