Property Division

The family law lawyers at Horne Coupar LLP can assist you in determining your rights and obligations relating to division of family assets and debts. This means splitting up all property – such as real property, bank accounts, investments, pensions, vehicles and household possessions. The law for division of family property applies to both married and unmarried couples (who have resided together for more than two years). It is important to seek legal advice before taking any steps to divide your family property. Depending on your circumstances, division of family property and debt can be straightforward or more complicated.

There are a number of factors that must be considered in dividing family property and debt, such as whether one or more spouse is entitled to have some of the property excluded from division, how and when property will be valued, who will get what, and whether there will be an equal or unequal division of property. Our family law lawyers have extensive experience evaluating these issues and assisting you with untangling your financial affairs. When division of family property and debt has been determined, we will confirm these terms in a separation agreement or Court Order.

Horne Coupar LLP’s family law lawyers can also assist you with any real estate matters or corporate issues that arise as a result of your separation and division of family property and debt.