Power of Attorney Services

Our clients often appoint us as their Power of Attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney (“EPA”). In these situations we think it very important that we maintain all of the professional relationships our client has developed over the years (for example accounts, brokers, etc.) and we continue to work with those professionals on behalf of our client if they so wish.

Our Power of Attorney Service is helpful in the following situations:

  • For clients who do not have family close by or may have family issues and do not want their family members involved; and
  • Clients who may be losing interest in their financial affairs, have a chronic illness or are in need of assistance with financial arrangements in making a transition from home to a facility.
The Process

Clients are introduced to one of our lawyers who will assess their needs (which may include estate planning). The EPA is put in place and held in escrow until requested or required. As long as our client is able to continue without assistance we are not involved, but our clients have the peace of mind knowing that the EPA is in place and that we are on hand to assist when required.

During a typical day, our staff may engage in:

  • Receipt and payment of bills
  • Arranging for the purchase or rental of various items e.g. medical equipment
  • Arranging for care providers to visit or take out client
  • Contacting broker or financial advisor to request transfer of funds or reviewing investment recommendations
  • Liaising with Island Health representatives, Long Term Care case managers or any appointed health care representative
  • Discussions with family members
  • Visit with clients to review finances
  • Collection of income tax information and arranging for filing of tax returns
  • Discussion and review of pension benefits and where applicable filing claims on extended benefits or Veterans Affairs and
  • Keeping the responsible lawyer updated on the client’s financial and other affairs.

For more information, please contact Chris Dye, Manager of our Inheritance and Incapacity Planning Group at 250-388-6631 to make an appointment or discuss any questions you may have relating to our Power of Attorney Service.