Parenting (including Custody, Decision-Making and Guardianship)

At Horne Coupar LLP, we recognize the additional strain that a separation puts on a family with children. It is important to do everything possible to diminish any conflict or potential for conflict. Our family law lawyers assist both married and unmarried couples reach a resolution on their parenting issues, which can range from parenting time (who the child or children are with at any given time) to decision-making, custody and guardianship (how important decisions about the child or children will be made).

In determining these issues, it is important to know that the best interests of the child or children will always come first. It is our job to assist you in formulating a plan that will best suit their needs. There are many different scenarios for parenting time; it is all about finding the situation that works best for your family.

Our family law lawyers also understand that an arrangement that used to work might need to be revised based on changes in circumstances such as the ages of the child or children. We can also help you revisit a current parenting arrangement and find a situation that better suits the child or children.