We recognize that the breakdown of a marriage is a very difficult time filled with a variety of emotions, new situations and obligations. Horne Coupar LLP’s lawyers can tackle any and all legal issues that arise in your divorce, such as setting up a parenting schedule and decision-making arrangements for your children, determining the amount of child support and/or spousal support to be paid or received, and working out the division of all assets and liabilities. We can also assist you with the divorce process, by either filing for divorce or responding to a spouse’s application for divorce.

The lawyers at Horne Coupar LLP believe that it is important to be skilled in negotiation and mediation while also having the knowledge and experience to represent our clients in court or arbitration. This allows us to pursue all methods, which can be necessary if negotiation or mediation are unsuccessful. Despite best efforts, matters can change from being amicable to contentious and you deserve the best representation in all situations.

We also offer flat fee billing for uncontested divorces. Contact one of our lawyers to learn more about this option.