Child Support

As part of your separation, our family law lawyers will assist you in determining issues of child support. Child support refers to money paid by one parent to the other parent to support the child or children. These payments are made regardless of whether or not the parents were married or in a relationship.

There are two aspects to child support 1) a fixed monthly amount and 2) other amounts to contribute towards other expenses such as child care, medical costs or extra-curricular activities.

In Canada, the amount of child support to be paid is determined based on a person’s income and is paid in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Determination of income can be more complicated where factors such as fluctuating income or self-employment are involved. Once income is determined, there are tables used to calculate the fixed amount of monthly support and contribution to other expenses is based on a proportionate sharing of both parents income. Our family law lawyers can assist you with determination of your or the other parent’s income so that the proper amount of child support can be set out in a Court Order or Agreement.