September 30, 2020 Category News

Please note that our firm has remained open through the Covid-19 pandemic and in accordance with public health guidelines continues to observe recommended physical distancing and hygienic practices.   As our community gradually returns to more accustomed business operations, we will, however, continue on request to schedule appointments by video-conference or telephone, as well as special signing arrangements, as appropriate.

January 2022 – Due to the Omicron variant currently circulating through our community, our ability to provide optimal service during this time due to staff sickness may be impacted.  We apologize for any subsequent inconvenience caused to our clients during this challenging time.

March 2022 – Wearing masks in public indoor settings is not required by public health. Wearing a mask is a personal choice.  As such, and as we are guided by the PHO, we do not require clients to wear a mask. Please note, however, the lawyer that you meet with may wish to obtain further information in advance of your scheduled appointment.