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Horne Coupar LLP has donated over $300,000 to the environment

October 11, 2017 Category Community, Giving Back, News

On November 15, 2017, Horne Coupar LLP celebrates 10 years as members of 1% for the Planet during which time they have donated over $300,000.00. This worldwide organization includes present members such as Patagonia, MEC and singer Jack Johnson. Each year members donate 1% of their gross profits to the organisation for the benefit […]

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Assisted Death in Canada

October 11, 2017 Category Incapacity Planning, Our Latest Insight

The right to seek assistance with suicide was illegal prior to Canada v. Carter, a Supreme Court of Canada decision from 2015, in which the Court made a unanimous ruling that the current laws prohibiting physician-assisted suicide were repugnant to section 7 of the Charter.  The Court proposed an exemption which would allow a competent […]

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Canadian Private Corporations Upset

July 26, 2017 Category News, Our Latest Insight

On July 18, 2017, Canada’s Minister of Finance, William Morneau, released the consultation paper “Tax Planning Using Private Corporations” and corresponding draft legislation. The paper is a follow-up to the 2017 Federal Budget, which identified tax-planning strategies that owners of private corporations are utilizing to gain what the government views as unfair tax advantages. The […]

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Brain Tumour Walk 2017

June 28, 2017 Category Community, News

  On May 28, 2017 some members of staff from Horne Coupar LLP participated in the Brain Tumour Walk as part of the team “Gnome More Cancer” at the University of Victoria.  So far, over $34,000.00 has been raised by the event.For more information, click here:

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Horne Coupar LLP Sponsor Exhibition

June 15, 2017 Category Giving Back

As 1% for the Planet members, Horne Coupar LLP are excited to be sponsors of the upcoming exhibition ‘Picturing the Giants’, featuring landscape art by Emily Carr. For more information follow this link:

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To the Viktor goes the spoils

May 4, 2017 Category Our Latest Insight

To the “Viktor” go the spoils…. that is, anywhere but BC Only in BC can an adult child challenge his/her parents’ will on the basis that it is not “fair.” Our courts can, and regularly do, vary wills on the basis that the provisions are unfair to a particular person in a will, or more […]

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